La Paz invites you to the Bicentennial celebrations

Come to the celebrations of 200 years of the proclamation of the first independent government in Latin America held in La Paz, Bolivia on July 16, 1809. The bicentennial celebrations will last the entire month of July and officially began the first of July, with the flag hoisted in La Paz and the lighting the torch located at the Plaza Murillo, representing the fire of freedom that never goes out, near the monument to Pedro Domingo Murillo, a leader of the Junta Tuitiva, the first independent government in Latin America that was under the Spanish yoke.

As part of the celebrations, commemorative coins have been minted. Also the mayor of La Paz has planned the execution of an endless array of activities throughout the month. But the high point of the celebrations will take the 15 and 16 with parades and music festivals throughout the Department of La Paz with the participation of all citizens of the city, including the national government and guests from around the world. The festival will be extended naturally to other cities in the La Paz Department, El Alto, Copacabana, Coroico, Tiwanaku, and so on. An excellent opportunity for those who are in the city of La Paz on these dates to be part of the party, and share the patriotic fervor of the party.